Central Florida Flying Club

Central Florida Flying Club
Fly more. Spend less. Have fun!
Winter Haven Municipal Airport, FL
Gilbert Field, KGIF - Hangar 125
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Fly more, spend less, have fun!
Learning to fly is rewarding but does not end when you earn your pilot's certificate - your certificate is your license to keep learning. But some pilots, after completing their training, find it can be hard to find an airplane to fly that's well maintained and affordable to rent.

Buying an airplane is certainly an option but even with a "cheap" aircraft, ownership comes with it's own laundry list of pitfalls.
Managing things like  hangar space, annual inspections, insurance, paperwork and the like can make owning an airplane confusing and often more expensive than anticipated. After all, they don't teach much (if anything) at most flight schools about ownership!

That's where the flying club comes in!

The Central Florida Flying Club bridges the gap between ownership and renting plus it offers huge social benefits as you develop relationships with other members. The flying club allows the pilot to exercise his "license to learn" outside of the formal setting of a flight school but without having to figure it out alone as a sole owner or renter.

The club manages the administrative portions of aircraft ownership, the maintenance, hangar space, log books etc. and splits the costs amongst the members. Each flying member pays an initiation fee plus a monthly dues ensuring that the club operating costs are covered while locking in a low "wet" hourly rate on use of the aircraft. 

But it doesn't end there!

The Central Florida Flying Club's "founding fathers" include certified flight instructors who are there to guide you through an easy check out process followed by free, continuing ground school because "the good pilot is always learning!"

Check out what founding father Jamie Beckett had to say about forming the Central Florida Flying Club in the September 2015 issue of General Aviation News...

General Aviation News
Expect the unexpected
By Jamie Beckett

Like so many general aviation pilots, I found myself some years ago with very limited options for renting aircraft. Whenever I found a company that was willing to rent to the public, I found the price was high, the service was poor, the aircraft were less than inviting, and I never felt particularly valued as a customer. Rather, I felt somewhat invisible. The providers’ main interest seemed focused on the contents of my checkbook.

That didn’t work for me.

Here is what the Central Florida Flying Club is offering it’s members:
1927ZFlying Members
Use of club aircraft:
1963 Cessna 150C VFR two place aircraft: N1927Z
Club fee is $78 per  hour (wet)

* As the club grows, the fleet will grow.

All Members (flying members and social members)

Free Private and Instrument ground school
Club pot lucks, meetings,  and other events
(the club will be sponsoring fly-ins, Aviation oriented workshops, etc.)

1927Z Panel
Different memberships are available for as low as 25 per month, call 863-528-1126 or send a message to: info@FlyCFFC.com

Getting started is easy! Download the membership application form
in .pdf format by clicking here.

And here's where the Central Florida Flying Club is located:

KGIF - Hangar 125

Winter Haven Municipal Airport, KGIF

Gilbert Field - Hangar 125
2073 US Highway 92 W
Winter Haven, FL 33881

Situated on the south side of Gilbert Field, the Central Florida Flying Club boast's near perfect flying conditions all year round.

Gilbert Field is also home to
Brown's Sea Plane Base which has trained more than 15,000 sea plane pilots since 1963.

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