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Central Florida Flying Club
Fly more. Spend less. Have fun!
Winter Haven Municipal Airport, FL
Gilbert Field, KGIF - Hangar 125
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The "Fleet"
Sure, I know what you are thinking. "How can you have a 'Fleet' with just one vessel?" Well, we're optimistic here, this is just the beginning  - the Central Florida Flying Club has plans to be around for a long time and as the club grows, the fleet will grow.

For now, let's take a look at the club's airplane, N1927Z, a beautiful 1963, VFR Cessna 150C:

N1927ZN1927Z is a 1963 fixed wing single engine, 2 seat reciprocating single-engine aircraft manufactured by Cessna. Model 150C
Category: Land
Type: Fixed wing single engine
Airworthiness: Standard
Engine Type: Reciprocating
Engines: 1
Seats: 2, Side by side
Weight Class: Less Than 12,500 lbs
Builder Certification Code: Type Certificated
Year Manufactured: 1963
Age: 53

Engine Mfg: Continental
Engine Model: 0-200 SERIES
Engine Horsepower: 100

Club member rate: $78 per hour (wet).

The Central Florida Flying Club has a motto that guides us. It is, “Fly More, Spend Less, Have Fun.” To fulfill that promise we’ve adopted a classic 1963 Cessna 150C as our cost-efficient flyer. This particular model of the venerable Cessna piston-engine aircraft lineup represents the last year of the straight tail, fastback design that’s widely considered to be one of the most desirable and enjoyable versions of all the 150/152 models manufactured. And with nearly 24,000 150s rolling off Cessna Aircraft’s assembly line, there’s little doubt that this machine really did teach the world to fly.

N1927Z Cessna marketed the C-150 as the world’s premier trainer, with good reason. Light, small, fuel efficient, and easy to fly, the 150 is an amazingly versatile fun flyer that makes it easy to get into the air, and gives pilots and passengers every reason to want to repeat the experience as often as possible.

Flying members of the CFFC can do their primary training in the C-150 without breaking the bank, build time at rates not seen in years, or just fly for fun without spending undue sums of money. Our operating costs put this time-honored airplane on our flight-line for a wet rate of only $78 per hour.

N1927ZBy operating such a simple, basic airplane, flying members of the CFFC can earn their private pilot certificate for less than half the cost the average flight student in America pays. But the benefits don’t end with initial flight training. Penny pinching pilots who are building time toward their instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate, or the much sought after ATP can log Pilot in Command Time as CFFC Flying Members for as little as $39 per hour.


Fly More, Spend Less, Have Fun!
Yes, we can. We do. And you can too, as a flying member of the Central Florida Flying Club.

By the way, we affectionately refer to our little flying machine as the Disco 150. Perhaps we’ll tell you why one day. Until then, come on by and see it for yourself. We love to show it off.

Please enjoy these pictures or even better, make arrangements to come on by, visit the hanger and meet her in person. Maybe even take her up for a lap or two around the patch. We'd love to have you!

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